Blockheads Chaz Jankel video

Chaz Jankel video shot in Highgate, North London

Chaz Jankel songwriter with Ian Dury and The Blockheads fame approached Friedbanana design to shoot a local Highgate Woods music video for his new track ‘Sunshine’.

The track being very groovy and warm needed a local ‘strolling around ones’s manor’ vibe approach to the videography. Friedbanana filmed Chaz walking around a few locations in and around Highgate Woods trying to catch glimpses of the sun…we succeeded! although the sun peeking through the rain clouds was like gold dust…lol

The footage was then edited with old camera filters to create a warm and dreamlike video sequence. We particularly like the end edit as Chaz is ‘frozen’ in the sunlight then comes back to life.

On this new album his own musical skills are augmented at times by fellow Blockhead saxophonist Dave Lewis and on trumpet Bryan Corbett. Also on this album he features 2 other lead singers, Melody Palmer and Andy Caine – both extremely soulful. Chaz is also accompanied by Cherry Cameron on 3 songs, the first of which is Bodies Without A Soul, the last song he wrote for this album. Only after completing this song could Chaz imagine performing this material live. He rides again, in a very funky pair of New Boots (no panties).

Chaz’s latest album Flow is out now.

  • Music video design, editing and cinematography
  • Adobe Premiere Software
blockheads chaz jankel music video