Album cover redesign for China Soul’s album Secrets and Words. “It is quite the challenge to pick fault with China Soul. Even from her melodramatic name you’re forced to let out a resounding, aching sigh. Not only that, but she’s the daughter of Starsky and Hutch star David Soul – what’s not to like?

Nothing, quite frankly. From the first fizzing verses on her Willy Mason-a-like ‘Cold’, China Soul delights. The Florida/California native emotes feeling after heartfelt feeling until making you jump out of your seat with jazz-laden number ‘What My Baby Don’t Know’ and continues to drag you along for the next 45 minutes.

Looking at Ms Soul’s credentials, it seems she has almost unfairly fallen on her feet. Hutch is her dad, she co-writes her debut album with Blockhead Chaz Jankel and she’s already made it to Jools Holland’s Radio Two show. However, all this praise and good fortune is wholly deserved, as Soul has the keen ability to make you float one minute and excite you the next. Following stylish, a capella ‘Be My Husband’, she still manages to send things off in true heart-warming fashion with bluesy pop ender ‘Whisper’.”

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