Cover Design and logo work for Manchester band Lucigenic’s single ‘Joy’.

“Manchester supergroup Lucigenic returned recently with their latest single ‘Joy’. It was recorded at Far Heath Studio with Mike Bennett (Fat White Family, The Fall, Ian Brown) producing and Angus Wallace engineering.

In 2021, they released the ’Hope’ and ‘Still Breathing’, reacquainting themselves with many of rock music’s classic moments from the 70s and 80s. A method that takes some courage with so many ready to sneer in the modern world. On ‘Joy’, they double down on this methodology. Does it pay off?

Lucy Davies taps into her Stevie Knicks and Patti Smith power at times but, it’s the little punky Siouxee or Ari flourishes and the Louise Wener whispering refrain that truly captivate. Mark Refoy’s guitars range from the shimmer Marr to the ecstatic Mick Ronson to the pop splendour of Bolan. Meanwhile, drummer Dave Barbarossa has that Mick Fleetwood or Terry “Bandsman” Howarth appeal which, no matter the vocals or solos in play, just make you want to air drum like a child.”

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Artwork Photo credit : Olivia McCaffrey/Rachael Flaszczak / Dylan (Fried Banana)