British indie label Singer Records is releasing a new album of newly discovered songs by the late Peter Sarstedt. Ray Singer approached Friedbanana to design a CD print package for the album.

Ray, producer of all of Peter Sarstedt’s hits, including : Where Do You Go To, My Lovely, Frozen Orange Juice, I Am A Cathedral, was sent a leather case with a collection of Peter’s songs, many of which were completely unknown. Written over several years, these songs offer the public an understanding and appreciation of Peter’s lyricism, wit and range, as one of the significant songwriters of our time.

Ray Singer says; “I received a black leather CD case from Peter Sarstedt’s widow in the post. It contained a bunch of discs, many of which had never been heard before. Some of the tracks were first thoughts put down by Peter with just his guitar. I selected 15 songs and added instrumentation where I thought it helped.”

Album CD package can be purchased here

Peter Sarstedt record cover