Jazz comedy fundraiser music video for highgate tennis club

Susan Scott Charles – A jazz / music singer approached Friedbanana to shoot a fun comedy music video entitled ‘Moonball tennis fundraiser’ for highgate tennis club in London.

It was fun filming the action shots on the tennis court and we aimed to make the scenes as fun as possible – ‘Moonball’ is a tennis term phrase for when a player is lobbed over head…so the ball shooting high in the sky was key. A few slow motion techniques created the moonball tennis ball effect.

The music video was then edited with the singing scenes in front of a green screen with a jazz stage backdrop. Susan Scott Charles performed and wrote the funny lyrics and a sketchy peephole camera effect was created with a vignette filter.

If you’s like to help support the highgate tennis club (to get residents able to afford rising tennis club fees) please donate here

  • Music video design, editing and cinematography
  • Film video shooting / Green screen
  • Adobe Premiere Software
jazz comedy fundraiser music video