Sci-fi music video design for Fuzzbox

New sci-fi music video design for Fuzzbox – ‘Supernova’

Fuzzbox have returned with a powerful new line-up still under the healm of original member Maggie Dunne. Friedbanana were approached to create a new sci-fi music video design for the new track.

RGM writes: “This version of Supernova, captured by Friedbanana on the excellent video, witnesses the introduction of fantastic vocalist Firouzeh to the Fuzzbox collective, courtesy of Maggie Fuzzbox Presents. This particular Supernova excursion was based around the concept of the iconic vintage sci-fi TV show Space 1999, and tips its hat off to the kitsch genre, with the enigmatic vocalist sporting a space-age look, alongside featured guitarist, the iconic Gizz Butt formerly of The Prodigy and on-stage guitar-player with Foo Fighters.

The video, produced by The Blockheads front man Mike Bennett and Friedbanana, uses cutting-edge techniques to capture the essence of the excellent song, penned by Maggie Dunne and Vix Perks. The track was produced by Mike Bennett and Gary Watts of Wired Squire Productions.”

Read the article with the new music video design here.

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